Охота на кроликов или Пасха в Gears of War 4

13 апреля стартует эвент посвященный пасхе - THE EASTER HUNT. Во всех режимах нас ждет Double XP и два новых персонажа - Кантусы.



Collect new characters over the Easter Weekend with our latest April Gear Pack!

Savage Kantus and Kantus are coming in a new Gear Pack available through the long Easter Weekend. Check back tomorrow for all the details!

Collect and earn your Chocolate Easter Egg weapon skins this Easter! Here's a rundown of everything on offer during the Easter Hunt event:

Simply login on the days listed below to add these Easter themed items to your collection!

Chocolate Easter Egg Lancer: Login on April 14th 2017
Easter Emblem: Login on April 16th 2017
Complete the full set of Chocolate Easter Egg weapon skins by taking on challenges in the Bunny Hunt playlist! These weapon skins can only be earned through registering for this competition, and completing the relevant challenge below. You can’t find these anywhere else!

To participate, register below and complete the following objectives in the Bunny Hunt Playlist

Chocolate Easter Egg Retro Lancer: Won 10 matches in the ‘Bunny Hunt’ special event playlist
Chocolate Easter Egg Markza Mk. 1: Achieved 100 Headshots in the ‘Bunny Hunt’ special event playlist
Chocolate Easter Egg Overkill: Kill the enemy leader 20 times in the ‘Bunny Hunt’ special event playlist (Bagman Ribbon)
Chocolate Easter Egg Hammerburst: Killed the enemy leader as the leader 5 times in the ‘Bunny Hunt’ special event playlist (Getting It Done Ribbon)
To qualify, you must be connected to Xbox Live and complete these objectives by no later than April 21st at 10am PDT.

Rewards will be granted to qualifying participants by May 15th 2017.

Bunny Heads are back for Easter in Social Play along with our new Easter Special Event: Bunny Hunt!

Bunny Hunt is a twisted up version of Guardian where everyone is armed with a Longshot and Leaders wear an oversized Bunny Head themed to their faction! Scope in, find their leader and enjoy that pop - headshots set off an explosion of chocolate and Easter Eggs!

Bunny Hunt Settings

Game Mode: Guardian


Blood Drive
Impact Dark
Modified Settings

Longshot Only Starts and Pickups
Play Bunny Hunt with Double XP until Friday April 21st! Find it under Matchmaking -> Play Special Event in the Versus menu.

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